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GitJira - Tool to use Git with Jira

·2 mins

A lot of us use Git to maintain our code-base. And a lot of companies out there, like mine, use Jira for project management. A nice feature of Jira is the Git Version Control Viewer, which lets one track all the commits made against a ticket. The catch being, you have to mention the ticket number in your commits.  While this is not that big a deal, it gave me an idea for a simple project I could write to learn python.

Together with Michael Pitidis, we wrote a tool in python that sets up the Git & Jira integration for the developer. We called it GitJira (we decided to use the creativity in the code rather than the name). Of course, the pre-requisite is that you have the Git Version Control Viewer plugin installed in Jira (comes by default).

In its present form, it supports three functionalities -

  • Create branches of the format - <issue type>/<ticket number> - given just the ticket id
  • Automatically transition tickets to in-progress when you create a branch for a ticket
  • Fetch the summary of a ticket and add to commit message when committing a branch created by gitjira

So for instance, if you do

gitjira -b ABC-123

it will automatically query your Jira instance and get the issue type (lets say a bug) and create a branch called -


and will change the status of the ticket to in-progress.

When you try to commit this branch

gitjira -c

it will fetch the ticket summary and automatically add it to your Git commit message and leave you in your Git text editor.

For more information, take a look at the GitJira github page. Please feel free to contribute or raise issues if you would like to improve it.