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Git and Github Secrets

·2 mins

Following are notes that I took from the video at I highly recommend watching that video if you are a git/github user.

GitHub -

Add .diff or .patch at the end of the URL in Pull-Request/Commits to get a patch file
Add ?author= at the end of URL in commit log page to see commit from a specific author
Add ?w=1 to truncate white spaces on compare pages
Type “t” to search for files in repo
Type “?” to see the shortcuts (context aware) available on a page
Can use EMOJI icons while commenting. 😉 Just put : (colon) and the emoji name. See Eg. :poo
Advanced Compare Views - /MASTER@{2012-12-11}..MASTER. Eg.{2012-12-05}..master

Git -

To allow an empty commit -

git commit -m “Look at me Trololol” -allow-empty

For intelligent commits -

git add -p

To go back to previous branch -

git checkout -

To search in the commit log

git show :/

To see the branches merged in the current branch

git branch -merged

To see branches not merged in the current branch -

git branch -no-merged

To check if a branch contains a specific commit -

git branch -contains

To copy a file from a different branch to current one (without having to merge the entire branch)

git checkout BRANCH – path/to/file.scala
Copies file.scala to BRANCH without switching branches

Commits in Branch A and not in Branch B

git log branchA ^branchB

If you accidently delete a branch that had commits you wanted, you can recover the commits by running

git fsck -lost-found

Git Blame arguments -

git blame -w (ignores whitespace changes)
git blame -M (makes blame intelligent. It ignores changes where code line were just moved)

Better Status -

git status -sb (less verbose)

See which word(s) exactly changed

git diff HEAD^ -word-diff

More color

git config -global color.ui 1

Amend a commit that hasn’t been pushed yet

git commit -amend